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Service Affairs

General Manager's Department

In charge of the affairs including business planning, auditing, personnel administration, and human resource planning…, etc.

Auditing Department

Controlling of internal affairs, and planning, promoting, and executing audit system.

Builds Business Department

In charge of the constructions of commercial building、 housing building, and the rents the matters concerned…, etc.

General affairs Department

n charge of the purchasing affairs, stock affairs, repairing affairs, asset management…, etc.

Kaohsiung Plants

In charge of the production of polyeaster、petrochemical and other products, the quality inspection of products, the repair and maintenance of facilities, general affairs of plants…, etc.

Sales Department    

In charge of the production and marketing plan, storage and transportation, marketing, market survey…, etc.

Finance Department

In charge of fund procurement and utilization, budget planning, accounting matters, cost accounting …, etc.

Information Management office

In charge of information management and computer affairs.

Technical Office

Responsible for matters related to production technology, process improvement and research and development.

Audit Committee

It is a functional committee established under the board of directors. With its professional division of labor and independent and transcendent position, it assists the board of directors in managing the company and strengthens the functions of the board of directors.

Compensation Committee

Assist the board of directors to in-depth review and make recommendations on specific remuneration.

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