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 << Impromovement of the Wastewater Treatment of Kaohsiung Plant.>> 

  • Investment:NT$ three hundred millions.
  • Finished Date: 1997
  • Wastewater treatment capacity:1,500 MT/Day
  • The quality of after treatment:
    The chemical oxygen demand (COD) is less then 60 ppm and the suspended solids solids (SS) is less then 10 ppm.Higher than the national standard.
  • Recycling treated wastewater:
  1. Finished the wastewater reclamation And reuse in 2000.
  2. Saving water consumption 400,000 tons every year.
  3. Saving water, cooling water chemicals cost about 12 million every year.
  4. Won the water conservation outstanding performance awards from Water Resources Agency,Ministry of Economic Affairs at 8/22/2003.
  • Wastewater treatment plant equipment



 << Impromovement of the air pollution control equipment of Kaohsiung Plant. >> 

  • 投資金額:Investment:NT$ five hundred millions.
  • 改善成果:


Finished Date Results
Industrial Safety and Environmental Quality Monitoring System(DAS System)


The detection data of the industrial safety and environmental protection detector connect to the monitoring center.
Increase the setting of polyester polymerization process plant tail gas thermal incineration rear burner.


With the original Electric-based catalyst rear burner used in turn to improve its production processes containing acetaldehyde, ethylene glycol emissions.
Increase the setting of Petrochemical plant process exhaust tail gas catalyst rear electric burner.


1.Can reduce the VOC emissions of petrochemical plant process waste gas and the removal efficiency up to 98% (The standard provisions of volatile organic air pollutant control and emission is 95%.)
2.According to the Montreal Convention requires,reduce the concentration of CO2 in the VOC,makes the CO2 reach to Food-Grade,increase the amount of CO2 recycling and reduce the greenhouse effect.
Increase in Co-Generation Plant selective catalytic reactor (SCR).


Increase Nox nitride removal, so that Nox is less than 100 ppm.
  • Air pollution control equipment


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