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CMFC is one of the creative leaders in the field of the man-made fibers in our country. Most of the domestic existing synthetic filament products such as rayon yarn, the rayon fiber, the cellophane, the polyester filament, as well as the petrochemical raw material as glycol, ethylene oxide, and so on are led by this company.

The company has established in Toufen in May 11th, 1955 with an initial capital of a forty million NTD. In April 28th, 1957 we spun the first rayon in this island named as rayon yarn. In March 1958, the rayon cotton was officially in production. In 1962, through several major expansions, we had successfully to produce cellophane products to meet the needs of both the domestic as well as the overseas markets.
In corporation with the government policy to develop the petrochemical industry in the field of the raw material for the polyester fiber, we have planed to build a 50 kta glycol plant in November, 1972 in the Dashe industrial district of Kaohsiung county and have the on line production in May, 1976. The glycol product is one of the major raw materials for the downstream polyester fiber industry and that has promoted CMFC to the new territory of the man-made fiber raw material industry. To fulfill the demand of the downstream of the petrochemical industry, we have established a 40 kta ethylene oxide plant in March, 1984. Further development, in July 1994, we have built a 25 kta nonen phenol plant to provide the raw material as the non-ionic surfactant agent. In 1997, we have completed a co-generation plant and the polyester fiber plant. In 2000, we have finished the second phase of the polyester fiber plant and have a join venture glycol plant with Nan-Chung petrochemical plant.

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